The French College in British Columbia

Educacentre College is the only French language college in British Columbia.  The College’s mandate is to french speaking training needs through a variety of services and programs adapted to the reality of the environment and each student’s needs.

The College has gained distinction as a leader in minority language education in Western Canada, and in distance education.  Educacentre College has 3 campuses in B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria and Prince George, in addition to a virtual campus for online access.  It has an average annual student enrollment of 1000 and 85 full and part time staff.

Student services and resources include:

  • College programs;
  • Continuing Education courses;
  • Customized courses;
  • academic and vocational guidance,
  • employment counselling,
  • A Skills Link program for youth (16-30);
  • A summer job program for young canadians between the ages of 16 and 30;
  • Immigrant services;
  • A Language laboratory;
  • A health laboratory;
  • A resources centre,
  • and a computer laboratory.


Éducacentre was founded in 1992 to develop and offer French-language education and training services for adults in British Columbia.

Éducacentre College offers a wide range of college-level and continuing education courses and programs, academic and professional guidance and employment services, literacy, basic education, high school equivalency and “francisation” programs and services, throughout the province.

Éducacentre College is a non-profit educational institution; it currently has 3 campuses: Vancouver, Victoria and Prince George. In addition, the virtual campus delivers distance education in French to students in Western and Northern Canada.


    Create a harmonious community made up of innovative, engaged and honest individuals, responsible for their development and that of the multicultural francophonie.
    Develop a comprehensive educational environment that enables individuals to interact, influence and affect their lives in a constantly changing labour market.

    Diversity, Innovation, Respect and Engagement.


Annual report 2011-2012 (in french)

Annual report 2012-2013 (in french)

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