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Collège Éducacentre College, the Francophone College in British Columbia, has received the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) and Education Quality Assurance designations of British Columbia

What is PTIB?

What is EQA?

In British Columbia, private institutions that have been reviewed by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) and have succeeded in meeting the requirements of the PTIB may be referred to as “designated institution”.

The Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation is British Columbia’s brand for quality post-secondary education

What does this change for the College?

Active since 1976, and a non-profit organization since 1992, Éducacentre began providing, as of 2004, college degree programs to become «Collège Éducacentre College». Until now, programs and diplomas were offered in partnerships with institutions such as La Cité and Northern Lights College. Through the Accreditation procedure, Collège Éducacentre College can now develop its own college study programs, and has the flexibility to adjust, when required, its modes of delivery (face-to-face, hybrid or blended approach).

What does this mean for students?

An Accreditation is delivered as a result of an extensive evaluation process, which includes among others the analysis of:

      Course contents
      Instructor qualifications
      Institutional policies
    Student records management

The designation from PTIB promotes a higher level in the college education field that requires the demonstration of more rigour and organizational structure, while favouring better recognition for the institution.

Upcoming :

With the PTIB Designation, Collège Éducacentre College is in the process of registering with StudentAidBC. This application will give students, who are enrolled in college programs, the opportunity to apply for loans through this government agency.

Collège Éducacentre College will also implement a service to support students in obtaining financial assistance.

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