FILM – Francophone Integration in the Labour Market

/FILM – Francophone Integration in the Labour Market
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•  You are a francophone?
•  Looking for a job?

Join the “FILM” program!

Limited spots available, contact-us quickly to register!

“FILM” Program

Francophone Integration in the Labour Market

The “FILM” program helps francophone job seekers integrate the Labour Market.

The program comprises 2 phases:

  • a 2-week intensive full-time training session
  • 14 weeks of paid internship

2-week intensive training

This will include mornings ‘Workplace Essentials’ for one week. The balance of the training will include:

  • Computer skills assessment
  • English Skills – oral assessment
  • English Skills – written assessment
  • Preparation of preliminary action plan
  • Job Search effective strategies
  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills

14 weeks practicum

Participants will be place in workplace practicum for 14 weeks, 4 days a week. Participants will be monitored by the coordinator.

One day per week will be dedicated to training, which will includes certified programs such as FoodSafe, FirstAid and Worldhost.

Register Now!

Gilles Hamel, Program Coordinator  604-708-5100 ext. 1403 or email:


  • Canadian, Permanent Resident or Protected Person legally entitled to work in Canada
  • living in British Columbia
  • Francophone
  • Not currently participating in another provincially or federally funded labour market program
  • Not a full-time student
  • Unemployed, Non-EI Eligible or Employed, Low Skilled

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