Does your child learn French at an immersion school or a francophone program? Would you like to support your child’s studies and speak some French in your family, but your knowledge of French is too limited?

The French for Parents program offers courses specifically developed for parents. The courses allow you to learn French on topics relating to daily family life, school, etc.

French as a second language: French for Parents courses

Participants will gain a solid understanding of grammar basics, vocabulary and pronunciation. A friendly environment in a workshop setting provides numerous opportunities to practice your language skills.
The method includes active situations of family activities, discussions between participants and with the teacher, role plays, and exercises of the study book.


Référence du cours :
110 FFPE
Course title
French for Parents
Level :
Beginner 1
Description :
Ce cours d’anglais s’adresse aux personnes qui souhaitent intégrer rapidement le marché du travail. L’accent est mis sur les techniques d’entretien, la prononciation, les expressions idiomatiques.
Programme du cours :

Course outlines :

  • Greetings & introductions
  • The alphabet
  • Trades & professions
  • Nationalities, countries and languages
  • Verbs : être, parler
  • Coming from and going to
  • Prepositions: à and de
  • First group verbs finishing in “er”
  • Interrogative words
  • Colours
  • Negation: ne
  • Parts of the face
  • Descriptions with être and avoir
  • Possessive adjectives
  • The Leblanc Family
  • Age
  • Numbers
  • The home
  • What is it? / Is it?
Prerequisites :
Length :
20 hours
Cost :




Course Reference:
Course title:
French for Parents
Beginner 2
Ce cours d’anglais langue seconde s’adresse aux personnes qui ont déjà des bases en anglais mais qui souhaitent augmenter leur vocabulaire, corriger leur prononciation, approfondir leurs connaissances des expressions idiomatiques et éviter les erreurs de base en grammaire.
Programme du cours :

prepositions : où, sous, dans, sur…
School and the classroom
Days & months
Telling time
Seasons & the weather
Verbs : faire , aimer
Partitive adjectives
Countries, provinces & cities
Negative forms
The near future
Second group verbs finishing in “ir”
Interrogative words
Describing a meal

20 hours



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Vous pouvez choisir de participer à Workplace English 1 ou de combiner les deux sessions.
Si vous souhaitez uniquement participer à Workplace English 2, merci de contacter notre registrariat au 604.708.5100 – poste 1101


 98% of participants have improved their level of French.
 97% of participants feel more confident in their capacity to better support their children in their French learning

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Please make sure you have read our Institutional Policies regarding our French for Parents courses.


Very impressed by the quality of the program, everything was interesting and fun to learn.
Overall a very helpful and enjoyable way to practice French. I had a great time and it encourages me to continue to learn French.
I really liked the way the teacher taught us real life vocabulary. It was a good program, and the pace was right for my level.
My child is intrigued by my course and it has “spring boarded” many discussions. Now we do “our homework” together.

My children continue happily in French immersion.

There are lots of activities you can do with your children.This is a great program for French immersion parents and is fundamental in helping my children continue happily in French immersion.
Not only do I understand a little more of the challenges my child is faced with on a daily basis, I am now able to read along with her and have a better understanding.