Caring for patients in French (Soignez vos patients en français)

This program is intended for Health Care professionals with an intermediate to advanced level of French. Each workshop includes dynamic learning activities related to medical terminology. 


Course reference :

Course title : Soignez vos patients en français – Caring for patients in French (e-learning)

Training sector : Health and Safety – Languages

Delivery : Online

Condition of admission : obtain a mark above 50% at the online French test

Description : This program is for health professionals with intermediate or advanced French knowledge.

Francophones who do not often have the opportunity to speak French at work or in their daily lives will also benefit from this training.

Each workshop includes several dynamic learning activities related to medical terminology (online exercises, listening and pronunciation of expressions and vocabulary, presentation of short videos in French, etc.)

These activities are organized according to themes related to the field of health, allowing you to deepen your knowledge of French in a work context and by communicating with your patients.

Main themes : This course is comprised of 13 modules :

  • Patient evaluation
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Prevention and Nutrition
  • Accidents
  • Hospital environment
  • Mental Health
  • Diseases
  • Specific clienteles
  • Surgical intervention
  • Readjustment
  • Management of a health facility
  • Cultural adaptation

Objective / Certificate : No

Next program : Continuous entry

Cost : $65 for unlimited access during a period of 4 months

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If you have any question, please contact us at: or by phone at :1800-747-4825

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To test our program, follow this link and the login information below allows you to access and use for free the first workshop module,  “L’évaluation du patient”.

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Veuillez suivre ce lien afin de passer le test de niveau de français, condition préalable à l’inscription

L’offre active

L’offre active de services en français, dans le domaine de la santé, a pour objectif de prodiguer des soins de qualité aux patients francophones. Découvrez 4 capsules vidéos, qui illustrent l’importance de l’offre active dans des situations quotidienne dans le milieu de la santé.