LINC to Work

LINC TO WORK is a condensed program that helps participants enhance their communication skills and discover how to communicate effectively with Canadian employers. You will be provided with the right tools to reach your language and professional objectives both in small group and individual settings.

LINC to Work

LINC TO WORK is a program that combines the latest theories and exercises in accelerating the acquisition of English to enhance the rate of employment success.


“…I have learned so much through this program. It has been a fruitful program for sure. The individual sessions are very helpful too. Mr Gee gave me some specific advices. I also had some oppotunities to practice some interview questions with Mr Gee. He is such a good teacher. I am so grateful for all of these…thank you too for organizing this program…”
Student - Cohort # 22
“C’est avec joie que j’ai pu suivre LINC to Work, programme destiné à améliorer l’anglais dans un contexte d’intégration professionnelle. Spencer nous a délivré un cours interactif online de grande qualité, toujours intéressant, enthousiasmant et rempli de bon conseils pour aborder le marché canadien en toute confiance. Merci encore à toute l’équipe d’Educacentre !”
Étudiante - Cohorte # 17
“…Thank you. I appreciate your on-the-dot arrangement.

It was an unforgettable language journey for me. Mr. Spencer is a super great and humorous teacher whom I have ever met before. This period of time to me was really valuable, And I felt I was galvanized at every second during the learning with Spencer. The in-depth and extensive

Student - Cohort # 19
“…Thanks so much for organizing the great English language learning and interview skills class for us! I really appreciate it, especially I am very grateful that Spencer shared lots of English learning materials and searching jobs information with us, and always encouraged us for our works! I learned a lot from this class. I am more confident in interviewing in English. Thanks again!”
Student - Cohort # 22