ANG 104 – English – Speaking and Listening

This course, with a focus on both skill-building and skill-using activities, enables you to put into practice different techniques and strategies in order to improve the fluidity of your spoken English. It is designed specifically to provide you with opportunities to practise and improve your current language skills in oral expression and listening comprehension. The course outline and activities permit you to enhance your skills when exchanging ideas, giving and following procedures, advising and persuading others and providing facts and data.

This class will be given every Tuesdays from 4pm to 6:30pm PST for winter and spring 2024 sessions/

Ce cours sera donné tous les mardis de 16h à 18h30 (heure de Vancouver) pour les sessions d’hiver et de printemps 2024.





80 heures


4 crédits


à distance


Spencer Gee

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