Test d’anglais / English Placement Test

Ce test gratuit comprend 45 questions à choix multiples et vous permettra d’évaluer votre niveau d’anglais pour vous assurer que vous avez le niveau recommandé pour le cours « Anglais intermédiaire ». Il ne demande que 10 à 15 minutes.

This test comprises 45 multiple choice questions and will help us determine your English level. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Welcome to your English Placement Test


Nous recommandons le cours d'anglais intermédiaire aux personnes obtenant un minimum de 50 points au test.

Les explications grammaticales liées aux erreurs du test seront données en cours.

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1.  She’s _______ college teacher.
2.  Who are _____ people over there?
3.  _____is your phone number?
4.  Could I have _____ drink?
5.  They’re _____ young to get married.
6.  Anne and Peter phone _____ every day.
7.  It’s_____weather.
8.  Which of these is correct?
9.  This is _____ winter in 20 years.
10.  She’s much taller _____ me.
11.  It _____ again. It _____ all the time here in the winter.
12.  I _____ she _____ you.
13.  Her eyes _____ a very light blue.
14.  _____ help me?
15.  Alice______________________  have a baby in May.
16.  He still ______play the piano after practicing for two years.
17.  I wish I _____ more time.
18.  Nobody phoned, did _____?
19.  I look forward _____ you soon.
20.  I _________a sports car several times.

21.  She ____________________   her ex-friend for their marriage problems.

22.  I missed my class so my friend went ____________ the home work with me.
23.  The roof of the church  was ___________________________ up by four strong columns.
24.  That food must be eaten  _______________ two days of the date of purchase.
25.  If you make a mistake just ___________ it out with your pen.
26.  She is still getting ______________ the shock of losing her job.
27.  The magazine article contained ______________________ important information.
28.  Why didn’t you ____________________ that you were feeling sick?
29.  Mr. Adams cannot see you he is_____________________ for a few days.
30.  Please put the wastepaper basket ____________ the corner of the room.
31.  Let’s meet ________________ the corner _________ Granville and Robson Streets.

32.  The vending machine seems to be __________________________.

33.  Did you hear? Bob and Marsha ______________________ their engagement!
34.  He didn’t want to _________________________ the question but felt he had to.
35.  Sally really doesn’t _______________________ Susan, does she?
36.  Roberta seems to like to take  ______________________ kids.
37.  Sharon can’t come. She’s  ______________________________________ the flu.
38.  I’m really reliable. You can ______________________ me!
39.  Every morning she  ____________________ at 7am.
40.  We have to ______________________ what happened to Bob!
41.  Pete _____________________ Julie at the carnival.
42.  Please ____________________ your cigarettes! There is no smoking in the park.
43.  In a Japanese home you must______________________  your shoes before entering.
44.  We travelled to Halifax ___________ train. It was the adventure _____________ a lifetime!!
45.  The teacher _____________________________ his students to speak more.
46.  She enjoys science class but her experiments always __________________ wrong.
47.  That is a matter of ____________________________.
48.  ________________________ from Bob, everybody was ______________________.
49.  This form __________________ to be handed in until next week.
50.  Have you considered  _______________________ to Quebec?

Si vous obtenez 50% ou plus, vous avez le niveau recommandé pour participer au cours « Anglais intermédiaire » et vous pouvez vous inscrire dès maintenant en contactant le registrariat au 604.708.5100.
Le début du premier cours permettra de valider votre niveau oral.

If you score 50% or more, you have the level required for the « Intermediate English » class and you can contact us to register at 604.708.5100.
The first class will allow to verify your oral level.